Revamp Announcement!

November is coming to a close. I didn’t keep up with my promise about posting. I also basically flunked out of Na NaNoWriMo because I was so overwhelmed. I was wrestling with a lot of work, managing money while changing jobs and… honestly I could give a million excuses. And have. Long story short: I realized I needed to get serious. I needed a revamp.

Other than experience, which I forced myself to push past, I felt like something was lacking. In a previous post, I stated that I felt like my blog was very “carefully crafted” and felt ingenuine. While true, it goes deeper than that. I was almost embarrassed to truly be myself. After reflecting it dawned on me that I had little to no voice or personality in my writing. Between wondering if I should write about mental health, fear of sucking, struggling with selfies (dumb, I know)… I realized that my eternal struggle had bled into my work: lack of self-confidence.

So. Long story short, I’m revamping. The next domain will be mine, official, and permanent.: and accepting of the fact that I am on a growing and learning journey. It’s in the works now, so keep an eye out on this blog still, as I will be sharing my progress, what steps I am taking to fix my problems, and what all to expect on my new blog. Eventually, when it launches, I can link any of you who want to follow me on this journey to my new domain.

Fingers crossed, I will be launching mid-January! I am putting my heart and soul into my new domain, fighting tooth and nail against all sorts of problems that have popped up since I have tried to pursue this seriously. No lie, it’s been a struggle, not to let imposters syndrome ruin this for me. But December should be interesting, as I reevaluate, build, and continue to self-reflect and build confidence. Hope you will follow along!

Novice bloggers, any advice for a noob on self-hosting? Have you done a revamp before? I say revamp, but this is an all-out gutting! What tips would you give for finding your voice?



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